Caramel Color (E150d)

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Caramel Color (E150d) Sulfite ammonia caramel, acid-proof caramel, soft-drink caramel. Very mild flavor and aroma; rich dark brown color; stable in alcohol, tannin, and acid-rich environments. Used in Soft drinks and other carbonated beverages, balsamic vinegar, coffee, chocolate syrups, baked goods, cocoa extenders, pet foods, sauces, soups, meat rubs, seasoning blends, and other flavorings


CHEMICAL NAME: Caramel Color Class IV
GRADE: Food Grade
CAS NO: 8028-89-5
ORIGIN: Europe
EXPIRY DATE: 11/05/2021
PACKAGING: 1-5-10-25 Kg/pail
FORM: Liquid
QTY IN STOCK: 300 kg


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